Washington Beer Awards 2019: 6 PKW Clients Claim 16 Awards

Portland Kettle Works would like to congratulation our friends & clients from the following 6 Washington breweries who took home an amazing collection of 16 awards at this year’s Washington Beer Awards:

Big Block Brewing
Counterbalance Brewing
Jellyfish Brewing
Lowercase Brewing
Pacific Brewing & Malting
Well 80 Brewing

Washington Beer Awards’ website defines the competition’s mission as follows:

“…a craft beer competition designed specifically to support Washington’s professional brewers. This competition will provide an opportunity for all of Washington’s craft brewers to compete in a blind format. It will allow recognition of brewing excellence in Washington and provide constructive feedback supporting future competition entry decisions.”

The Washington Beer Awards’ website goes on to summarize the results for the 2019 competition as follows:

“This year 1,467 entries [by 193 Washington breweries] were evaluated over the weekend of June 1st by a team of 78 judges.  All of the beers submitted must have been both brewed and made commercially available in the state of Washington.  The entries were evaluated in a blind format using the Brewers Association Style Guidelines by panels of trained beer judges who awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze placements for each category grouping.”

Portland Kettle Works is proud to be associated with these amazing Washington breweries as they raise the bar for the next generation of great craft beer!  Here is the list of these winners and their awards:

  1. Jellyfish Brewing, Hydra Pils, Gold, German-Style Pilsners
  2. Lowercase Brewing, American Light Lager, Gold, Light American-Style Lagers
  3. Lowercase Brewing, Mexican Lager, Gold, Other American-Style Lagers
  4. Lowercase Brewing, Eisbock, Gold, Other Strong Lagers
  5. Well 80 Brewing, Folle Pulle!, Silver, South German-Style Hefeweizens
  6. Pacific Brewing & Malting, 1897 Lager, Silver, American-Style Cream Ales
  7. Lowercase Brewing, ESB, Gold, English-Style Bitters
  8. Pacific Brewing & Malting, Grit City Porter, Silver, Robust Porters
  9. Pacific Brewing & Malting, Mama Bear Milk Stout, Silver, Sweet/Cream Stouts
  10. Big Block Brewing, Flathead Red, Silver, American Amber Ales
  11. Big Block Brewing, Big Block Brown, Gold, American-Style Brown and Black Ales
  12. Lowercase Brewing, Witbier, Gold, Belgian-Style Witbiers
  13. Counterbalance Brewing, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Silver, Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ales
  14. Lowercase Brewing & Homebrewer Cory Geerdts, Dorkmunder, Gold, Pro-Am
  15. Lowercase Brewing & Floating Bridge Brewing, Forbidden Rice Lager, Silver, Collaboration Beers
  16. Lowercase Brewing, Best in Class, Mid-Sized Brewery of the Year

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