PKW Rolls Out Another New Innovation: VinMaster Wine Fermenters

PKW VinMaster Wine Fermenters are the culmination of our experience producing over 1,000 fermenters for the craft beer and wine industry since 2011.

Our fermenters have become the industry standard. They are being used to innovate recipes and deliver repeatable results for award-winning breweries and wineries, large and small, worldwide. 

Built on PKW’s pedigree for performance, we have introduced the VinMaster Wine Fermenter.  The VinMaster provides the same spirit of innovation and quality that our global clients have come to expect and rely upon in all our other products.

PKW VinMaster Wine Fermenters are available in 3 configurations:

  • Wine Fermenters, Closed-Top – Additional uses include wine storage, blending, and packaging
  • Wine Fermenters, Open-Top – Unlimited access to the cap
  • Wine Totes, Open-Top – Capacities from 2 to 6 ton with unlimited access to the cap

Read on for details and specifications…

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